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Dew Sweat House —Brand Guidelines




July 01, 2019


Branding & Logo Design

About This Project

Dew Sweat House came to me to add a little oomph to their brand. Their logo and single (!) brand colour had already been designed and chosen, but it left them with little to play with in their marketing and social media. I came up with a wider ranging colour palette inspired by the interior design of their space, as well as by the orange slices you get after a sweat.


I also established their typography system, by defining what was to be used for more playful copy and what was to be their standard typeface. Previously everything was being created at random, weakening their brand.


Dew Sweat House is a unique self-care experience that delivers the ancient benefits of sweating in a modern way. They wrap you up, sip water, watch Netflix, and SWEAT. IT. OUT.